My treatment is specifically  tailored to your needs as a client. To build your trust and to be very precise and targeted on your problem areas, is an essential part of my approach. I work calmly with deep strokes and pressure, so you don't tense up and resist, but are given the time and space to completely let go and relax. I use various innovative deep tissue techniques to loosen up the body, including myofascial release and zen shiatsu.

The treatment is pain reducing, provides greater mobility in muscles and joints, circulation is stimulated and the immune system is activated. A treatment can also have a very positive effect on a tense or stressed psyche.
My massage is very beneficial and effective if you suffer from:
  • Pain, tension and overall stiffness of the body
  • Muscle tension related headaches
  • Soreness and pain related to pregnancy
  • Bad circulation
  • Overexertion and soreness associated with exercise
  • Back, shoulder and neck problems
  • Wear, tear and arthritis
  • Stress

Online booking here  (in danish)

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