Mindful Treatment & Movement Therapy

In every moment you are shaping your body into postures that fit your world; falling into patterns of body use that reflect your injuries, habits, attitudes and feelings. As life goes on, more of these patterns become embedded in the tissues of your body through repetitive, unconscious movement, resulting in imbalances in your muscle and joint use.
Structural Integration is not like popping a pill – your own curiosity about what moves you, and how and why, motivates us both and points us along the path to change.
Structural Integration is for everyone and is based on your desires and needs. It is a unique method that combines manual therapy with movement education. Using mutual feedback while we work you become aware of strenuous body habits and their possible causes. With your new knowledge you can integrate new habits that balance and re-empower your body.
You will experience pain relief and / or improved physical performance, better posture, greater mobility and fluidity in movement – and with it more relaxation and an improved quality of life.

Structural Integration :

• restores and rebalances a strained and misaligned posture.
• provides increased energy and better performance when you use less energy to compensate for pain and imbalances in muscles and joints.
• relieves pain, tension, and fatigue resulting from an unconscious and inefficient use of the body.
• addresses movement, coordination, flexibility, ergonomics, breathing, fatigue, tension, stress, trauma, joint and muscle pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, scoliosis and more.
• invites change as old unwanted habits are dissolved and new opportunities arise.

How many sessions ?

The ten session series is a carefully designed programme to provide you with a user’s guide to your body. We will work together to systematically realign and rebalance your entire musculo-skeletal system - just focusing on particular symptoms may not change the underlying problem. It would be unrealistic to attempt a comprehensive treatment programme in one or two sessions. However, in just one session, and give you an awareness of a freer and more balanced body. You may choose to have individual sessions, a mini-series of three or the full ten session series.

What happens during a session ?

A session lasts approximately 1 ½ hours and consists of myofascial release (a deep way of working with soft tissue), dialogue and movement education. You wear close fitting but non-restrictive clothes, so I can see your posture and the way you move.
You as a client are alert, active and reflective both during the session and when you leave the clinic, as new appropriate body habits are incorporated into your daily life.
In the 10 session course, each session focuses on a specific body area: chest and breathing, balance in the feet and legs, core awareness and lower back stability, movement of the spine, etc.
New ways of sitting, standing and walking are explored and tested. Some sessions will focus on improving your ability to undertake daily activities more effortlessly, including working at your desk, playing sports, or practicing a musical instrument.

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